Equinox 800 – Tried, Tested and Proven!

LP customer Ian Kenyon shares his experience and finds after moving from a C-Scope TR200 to the modern Minelab Equinox 800. Read Below.

After an absence of over 40 years, I returned to this fantastic hobby. I had concerns that technology had moved on leaps & bounds, and I might be left stranded, not being a techno whizz kid. The wife treated me to the Equinox 800 in January this year from LP Metal Detecting after recommendations from a friend. Forty years ago, my C-Scope TR200 only had two functions - now I had a powerful multi-function machine. I had concerns.

Talk about charge and go. I couldn’t believe how simple the machine was to set up and detect. In the factory setting and Field 1, I unearthed so many finds I was hooked once again. In 5 months, I’ve unearthed over 1,500 items that have made the finds box from buckles, musket balls, spindle whorls, plus over 160 silver coins, including a lovely 1695 William 11 Scottish 20 shilling. I must be honest. I was dubious that after over 40 years, the fields would be bare, completely searched-out. How wrong was I?!?!

Only a few months with the Nox in hand and I was happily searching a pasture, and beep, a lovely Edward 1 silver penny was staring at me, my first hammered. This was followed by two more in quick succession. I returned to the field the next day, still on factory setting and Field 1 and bingo. The day was just amazing, nothing but Edward 1 pennies. I dug 69 holes, and there was an Edward 1 penny in every hole. Field of dreams was an understatement. I returned for one more Eddy to add to the haul. The coins were all clear signals, showing between 8-16 on the screen and depths of around 8-11 inches. What a day to remember. Those low numbers were coins on their side at depth - never ignore the lower numbers.Since then, I’ve gained more experience with the machine and now work in single frequencies and increased sensitivity depending on conditions. You would have to work hard to get me to change from the Nox 800. I would highly recommend this machine to novices and the more experienced alike. In my eyes, forget all the sales pitches and glossy magazine adverts. The Nox 800 is a proven fact!

 - Ian Kenyon

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