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XP Finds PouchXP Finds Pouch
XP XP Finds Pouch
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XP MI6 Pointer
XP XP MI6 Pointer
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XP Deus/Orx Search Coil Charger Clip
XP Deus/Orx Remote Silicon CaseXP Deus/Orx Remote Silicon Case
Save £9.35
XP MI4 PinpointerXP MI4 Pinpointer
XP XP MI4 Pinpointer
£109.65 £119
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XP X35 Coils
XP XP X35 Coils
From £289
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XP Deus 9" High Frequency Coil
XP Deus Remote
XP XP Deus Remote
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XP Stem PP ClipXP Stem PP Clip
XP XP Stem PP Clip
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XP Deus/Orx Transport CaseXP Deus/Orx Transport Case
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XP BackpackXP Backpack
XP XP Backpack
£139 £155.90
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WS4/Orx Clip Jack AdaptorWS4/Orx Clip Jack Adaptor
Slide On Top Mount For XP Deus/Orx
XP Deus/Orx 3 Lead Usb Lead
XP Deus/Orx Remote Control Armband
Deus WS4 HeadphonesDeus WS4 Headphones
XP Deus WS4 Headphones
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XP Deus 9" Coil Cover (new style sunken logo)XP Deus 9" Coil Cover (new style sunken logo)
XP Replacement Headband for WS4/WSAXP Replacement Headband for WS4/WSA
XP Deus 5"x9" HF Elliptical Coil
Deus Handbook v2Deus Handbook v2
XP Deus Handbook v2
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XP Lithium Battery for High Frequency Coils
DEUS WS5 HeadphonesDEUS WS5 Headphones
XP DEUS WS5 Headphones
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XP Khaki and Black Baseball cap
XP WS4 Replacement Ear Foams (pair)

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